bc shipping, efficiency and confidence in the negotiations on land

Highly capacity of adaptation to the customers’ needs, in order to simplify the process.

The human side of assignments on the ground.

We are an extension of our clients in ports.

Confidence is everything in this business and we act according with it

We are an agency that represents our clients before the various entities (ports, suppliers, or authorities) and we work from the deep understanding of the relevant processes together with our strong relationship with the authorities.

In bc shipping we have an exceptional capacity to adapt to the customers’ needs in order to simplify as much as possible the processes that initially may seem complicated and lengthy.

We can say with pride that we represent the human side of ground arrangements. Our style of service makes us an extension of our customers in the port, acting on the basis of mutual trust and respect in all our operations.

In bc shipping we know that reliability is everything in this business and we act according to this principle.

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Services provided in Europe now as well in USA. Let us know where you need us and we will be there.

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