Destination Porto and North of Portugal, is the birthplace of the Portuguese nationality, a city with more than two thousand years of history.

A city of business and work, the starting point of the Port wine and “Vinho Verde”, a universal city greatly influenced by the different communities which have been settling there for centuries.

A modern city, Porto has in its historical centre, recognised as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, a “Living Museum” of alleys and stone-paved roadways, bars and restaurants, open-air spaces and traditional cafés, where people of many walks of life and diferent arts and crafts meet, in a mixture of light, colour, scents and feelings of the past.

The sea, the Douro river, its six crossing bridges – one of them designed by Gustav Eiffel – the old Foz and the coastal line, the downtown and Boavista business centres, the market places and typically traditional shops, the city park and the romantic gardens, the churches and monuments, baroque and tile, the city’s festivals, sports and fashion events, golf clubs and courses and many other attractions, all play a role to make Porto a different city of unmistakable atmosphere and style.

The North of Portugal is a region that awakens all the senses: monument cities and historical towns, ancestral monuments of unique cultural and religious interest, breathtaking landscapes and manor houses.  It is no coincidence that it has four locations that  are considered World Heritage sites.

“A hidden gem” not to be missed!”

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