BC Agency, is an organization dedicated to render Shipping Agency services to passenger ships and cruise lines, as well as touristic, transport and events services for cruise passengers and cruise lines. As such, we have as our most important purpose to provide services that meet in the highest degree the expectations and needs contractually defined with our clients as well as to comply with our own objectives and interests among which those environmental and sustainability goals defined to guarantee a future of excellence, safety and health for the company, our clients and workers.

To achieve our Quality, Environmental and Sustainability objectives, BC AGENCY’s Management considers essential to implement a Quality, Environmental and Sustainability Management System and is committed to provide the necessary resources so that it can perform accordingly. This Management System will define and register all the factors that affect the quality of our services and it will become a useful tool for the optimization of our internal processes, as well as allowing us to value nature, assess the magnitude of the environmental impacts of our activities and services and establish actions to prevent contamination and minimize those environmental impacts considered more significant.

Also, BC Tours assumes an environmental and social commitment to sustainable development pioneering the tourism industry becoming the first tour operator Travelife certified Excellence in Sustainability in Spain.

With the implementation of our Quality, Environment and Sustainability Management System, BC Agency also acquires commitments to: continuous improvement, pollution prevention, impact reduction and sustainable development as well as complying with the all-applicable legal requirements and those related to its environmental aspects and with the International Standards ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and Travelife´s Certification subscribed voluntarily by the company.

With BC Agency’s integration in Alsa group, we assume as our own and they are not mutually exclusive: Alsa’ mission, vision and general objectives as well as a broad continuous improvement methodology OPERATE (4D’s) that is being implemented by our parent company and that we will integrate accordingly in our own system in due time.

BC Agency is committed to forward this Quality, Environment and Sustainability Policy to all the parties concerned (customers, workers, suppliers, port authority and society) and to ensure that it is understood, applied and maintained up to date by all levels of the organization.

Palma, 14 JUNE 2022 (ED04)

BC AGENCY comprises the following companies:
Baleares Consignatarios, S.L.U. (BC)
Baleares Consignatarios Tours, S.L.U. (BCT)

A sea of points,

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