Terceira Island

Terceira played a huge role in the history of the Azores. In the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries Angra was the focal point of the scales for ships returning from India and it was also a mandatory port of call for the Spanish galleons coming from America.

During the crisis with Castela crown, due to the death of D. Sebastian, Angra was the refuge of the Prior of Crato and it was the last point of Portugal to be submitted to the Spanish crown.

In the nineteenth century, during the Liberal Wars, D. Pedro stopped and stayed here, with the purpose to organize the invasion of Oporto.

During the Second World War, Terceira was chosen by the Allies for the installation of an air base, vital point not only for refueling aircraft, but also to fight the German submarines.

Amongst all this historical richness, Terceira keeps the traditions of bullfighting. Angra was declared a World Heritage Site by Unesco.

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